Mark 7 APEX 10® Ammunition Loading Press


MFR #101-1260

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The Apex 10™ manual press operates so smoothly you might think it is an automated press! It features a solid cast 10-station toolhead to enable one-pass loading, our all-new Mark 7 Case Feeder, a Mechanical Powder Measure, our new, shuttle-disk priming system, ambidextrous operation, and so much more.

Please note: If you are adding dies to your order, the Apex 10 already includes a Universal Hold Down Die so the dropdown menus below offer you options for a Lyman Pro Die Set (qty 4 dies). This includes 1 Combo Decap/Size, 1 Seat, 1 Crimp Die plus a M-Die Neck Expander Die for Rifle Sets or a Flare Die for Pistol Sets. The next dropdown offers a Universal Decapping Die so that you can use the Combo Decap/Size die as a priming station hold down with the decap stem removed for additional case stability during priming. We especially recommend this setup for automated machines, but is not necessary for manual loading.

Options/Upgrades prices and delivery time varies, call for more information

CALIBER RANGE 380 up to .308
PRIMING SYSTEM Shuttle Disk Stacked Priming System
TYPE OF CASE FEEDER 11″ High Speed Case Feeder
TYPE OF POWDER MEASURE Mechanical Powder Measure
DIMENSIONS 18″ Tall, 15″ Wide, 11″ Deep

The Apex 10™ reloading press is a commercial grade loading press that has been modified to meet the needs of high volume reloaders. With its 10-die station design, the APEX 10® gives you more flexibility and options than any of the competition! The precision CNC machined construction and super smooth operation says “quality” every time the handle is cycled. In addition, the press can be upgraded for fully automatic operation with our Autodrive™ system and digital controls, as well as our wide array of sensors. The APEX 10® can work with most off-the-shelf reloading dies and supports a variety of accessories. The manual APEX 10® can produce up to 1200 rounds per hour making it the perfect choice for competitive shooters looking to quickly make large quantities of top-quality ammo.

Designed for automation, and for many optional upgrades, which include the Mark 7® Primer Express, the Mark 7® APEX 10® Autodrive™ and the complete suite of Mark 7® Sensors and parts.
If you own a Mark 7® 1050 Pro/X Autodrive™, it can be modified for use on a APEX 10® with the purchase of a conversion kit.

This product is available in both 110V and 220

Mark 7® APEX 10
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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 in