Mark 7 Revolution Commercial Ammunition Loading Machine+ $500 OF 9MM COMPONENTS FREE



For a limited time, We are giving away $500 worth of 9mm reloading components when you purchase this Mark 7 Revolution: 9mm primed brass, 9mm 115gr FMJ bullets

MFR #101-1176
Base Price, before adding options, starts at $10,750

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Mark 7 Revolution Commercial Ammunition Loading Machine

Looking for a top quality, commercial grade loading machine at an affordable price? The Revolution press is the one for you! Whether you are loading tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition or processing brass for resale, the ten station Revolution has you covered.

Base Price, before adding options, starts at $10,750

The Revolution is available in calibers from 380 Auto up to 308 Win and can produce up to 3500 rounds per hour at maximum speed. The press comes complete with an Onboard Collated Priming System, a 14″ Case Feeder, a Digital Powder Measure, and a Mr. Bullet Feeder Pro. The Revolution is already equipped with JamSense and TorqueSense, and the rest of our full array of sensors can be easily integrated to warn you of any potential problems at each step of the loading process before they can cause damage or downtime.

CALIBER RANGE 380 Auto to 308 Win
DRIVE SYSTEM Direct Gear Drive
PRIMING SYSTEM Onboard Primer Collator
TYPE OF CASE FEEDER 14″ metal construction, up to 5800 rph
TYPE OF POWDER MEASURE Digitally Controlled
BULLET FEEDER Mr. Bullet Feeder Pro
DIGITALLY CONTROLLED Yes, microprocessor monitored and controlled
SENSORS INCLUDED Torque and Jam Sense (additional sensors optional)
DIMENSIONS 28″ x 15″ x 45″

Mark 7® Revolution
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This is a video showcasing the Mark 7 Revolution commercial loading machine features.


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Weight 3200 oz
Dimensions 40 × 38 × 32 in