Dillon Super 1050 Loading Press 9mm (No Dies)


Dillon Stock Number: Dillon S 1050

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Dillon Super 1050 Loading Press

Stock Number: Dillon S 1050
The Dillon Super 1050 is the most advanced reloading machine in the Dillon Precision Products line. It will accommodate popular rifle cartridges from 22-250 up through 30-06. The 1050 features a variable speed case feeder (included) that allows you to infinitely regulate the speed from 0 to 8 RPM. The motor has a universal power supply for both domestic and foreign voltages – 110 or 220 Volt, 60 or 50 hz, you simply swap out the plug to the style appropriate to your region. The bowl has an adjustable window cuff and cases deflector, for a larger range of cartridge capability.
The Super 1050 comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Super 1050 User Manual Download

Super 1050 installation on a Mark 7 Autodrive Video

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