Sellier & Bellot 7.62 x 51 FMJ SUBSONIC 200 GR SB12BSJ | 20 PACK


FPS: 1,030
Price Per Round: $1.50

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Sellier & Bellot 7.62 x 51 200 Grain Subsonic
20 round box
FPS: 1,030

Sellier & Bellot Tactical 7.62×51 Ammo 200 Grain Subsonic Full Metal Jacket ammo review offers the following information; This round’s 200 grain bullet is super heavy for its class, and accordingly pours out of a rifle’s muzzle with only 1,000 fps to its name. That’s a lot slower than what it would take to crack the sound barrier, so while you’ll still need hearing protection you’ll benefit from far quieter shooting. This round showcases Sellier & Bellot’s usual flair for consistent quality. A carefully formulated and weighed charge of clean burning propellant gives that heavy bullet the same kind of push with every ignition. The bullet itself is a standard FMJ, evenly jacketed for accuracy and hard enough to feed reliably into any sort of rifle’s chamber. Sellier & Bellot loads with brass and non-corrosive Boxers, so you can 100 percent reload this ammo if you wish!

UPC: 0754908512577
Manufacturer: Sellier & Bellot
Manufacturer Part #: SB762SUBB
Model: Rifle
Caliber: 7.62×51
Grain Weight: 200Gr
Type: Subsonic
Units per Box: 20

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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in